Our Horses Come and visit them !

Among our steed we have numerous Criollos imported from Argentina. This breed is known for its sturdiness, kind and quiet nature which make it higjly appropriate for beginners, novice and holiday riders. They can be ridden in a Western or English style and are particularly suited for harsh jungle or mountainous terrains. Our gentle Crillos make riding a pleasure ! They offer a relaxing and collected canter on the beach and it is little wonder that they are such a favourite amongst our many guests at Langkawi. 

We also have a number of young horses and foals which were born right here at the Perdana Stables in Langkawi. They are of different color and sizes, and are very healthy and friendly. Come and visit them !

Our purebred Arabians are mainly used for breeding, competition at halter and endurance events. They are all in excellent condition, being lively and fit. These athletes are bred for long distance events (endurance) of up to 160km each, and are regular participants in Malaysia and international tournaments. Our Arabians are stunning and many of our guests have commented that they are such a pleasure to watch!

We also have many young horses and foals which were born right in here in Langkawi. They are healthy and friendly. Come and visit them !

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