Island Horses Sdn. Bhd. Dedication and love for horses

Our equestrian centre called THE PERDANA STABLES is operated by Island Horses Sdn. Bhd., which is expertly managed and professionally run by H.E.M. Hanssens (also known as Muhammad Hamzah Abdullah) together with his sons and family, as well as with a team of dedicated horsemen and horsewomen whose dedication and love for horses are evidents in the way they care for and train these beautiful animals.

Our equestrian centre is registered with the Malaysian Equine Council, an official organization which coordinates the development and promotion of equine sports and activities in Malaysia. Our FEI riders are registered with The Equestrian Association of Malaysia, an authorised body which coordinates the national rides and horses of our country.

While we use horses from Argentina called Criollos for general riding activities, we also have a number of high-calibre, well-trained FEI registered purebred Arabians for International and local CEI 1*, 2* and 3* endurance events.


Horse Breeding Programme


In February 2007, we launched a horse breeding programme at the Perdana Stables. Our goal is to produce the finest quality of purebred Arabians which we have registered as “MALAYSIAN-ARABIANS”.

Our stallions are among the finest in Asia; among these stallions, we have one majestic Arabian stallion - Al-Bariq – which is owned by our former Prime Minister, YABhg. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. One of the oldest breeds, the Arabian horse is much coveted for its intelligence, high spirit, and outstanding stamina. Al Bariq was born in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the King Abdul Aziz Arabian Horse Centre in Dirab and was grand-sired by the legendary Makhsous.

Two of our other studs, Bremervale Saruman (an Australian National Champion) and Reid River Akopoolco have obtained numerous Championships at halter, and their bloodline have won at FEI endurance competitions, as well as competed successfully at the World Endurance Championship and endurance rides in Asia and the UAE.