We are proud to present The Langkawi Horse.

A first-ever horse show in Malaysia, drawing inspiration from the world renowned Cavalia and Australia Outback Spectacular and featuring the unique Malaysia identity to thrill and delight audient of all ages. Bring your friends and family to experience the magnificence and beauty of our talented horses at The Perdana Stables in Langkawi.

Located just before The Seven Wells Waterfalls past The Cable Car.

Barrel Racing


Trick Riding

Roman Riding

Horseback Archery

Horse Vs Horse

Horse Vs Motor

Fire Jumping

Free Lunging

Fire Breathing


Ticketing Details


Performance are every week on Saturday at 5.00 PM


Tickets are at RM 10.00 for adults and RM 5.00 for children (below 12 years)


Ticket reservations are available via e-mail
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or telephone
during office hours


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Barrel Racing (i)-langkawihorses
Barrel Racing (ii)-langkawihorses
Fire Jumping (i)-langkawihorses
Free Lungging (iii)-langkawihorses
Free Lunging (i)-langkawihorses
Horseback Archery (i)-langkawihorses
Horseback Archery (ii)-langkawihorses
Roman Riding (i)-langkawihorses
Roman Riding (ii)-langkawihorses
Trick Riding (i)-langkawihorses
Trick Riding (ii)-langkawihorses
Trick Riding (iii)-langkawihorses
Vaulting (i)-langkawihorses
Vaulting (ii)-langkawihorses
Vauting (iii)-langkawihorses
free lunging (ii)-langkawihorses