Seven Wells Arabian Stud-Farm Arabian horse breeders

We have registered with the AHSA as Arabian horse breeders, under the trade name of Seven Wells Arabian Stud-Farm.


At the Seven Wells (SW) Arabian Stud-Farm, our goal is to produce horses with correct & outstanding conformations, superb heart rates with rapid recovery and outstanding sturdiness.

We are the pioneers of the purebred MALAYSIAN-ARABIANS in the world, and the upcoming further development of the Perdana Stables would be another milestone enhancing our capabilities in this endeavour.

Our steed consists of some of the most beautiful and stunning Arabian horses from Saudi Arabia, US, Spain and Australia.

In year 2000, King Abdul Aziz Arabian Horse Center at Dirab from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. H.R.H.P. Sultan bin Abdul Aziz has presented to our former Prime Minister of Malaysia; H.E. (YABhg.) Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed a stallion of outstanding quality by the name of AL-BARIQ (2586) (0138-CC08) Kuhailah Dajaniya sired by Extream (imp US) 847 and grand-sired by the legendary Makhsous to our former Prime Minister of Malaysia; H.E.(YABhg.) Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed. The Perdana Stables / Seven Wells Arabian Stud Farm is home to AL-BARIQ.

The presence of the stunning AL-BARIQ ensures that our stud-farm has the PUREST Arabian bloodlines, and AL-BARIQ has indeed produced a number of the finest Arabian horses at Seven Wells Arabian Stud-Farm.

Similarly, our Australian horses imported from the Reid River and Bremervale Arabian stud-farms are of world-class. These stallions have not only achieved tremendous success at halter in Australia, but their legacies are proven in the field of endurance as well. The bloodline of Bremervale Saruman from the renowned Bremervale stud-farm has participated successfully in numerous endurance world championships. In addition, our stallion Reid River Akopoolco from the distinctive Reid River Arabian stud-farm in Woodford Australia, is one of the biggest stallions in Malaysia at a staggering 16hh.

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